About Me

I’m Pete and I have been trading stocks for 14 years. I have an extreme love/hate relationship with trading markets. I have never held a W2 job, which might explain how I continually lose perspective on the matter. Seemed like yesterday I was a young 20s hot shot thinking I’ll be on top of the world. Now I’m a 30-something burnout who doesn’t prioritize money above all anymore. I’m just here to write about my story and experiences. 

Online poker from 2005-2007–turned $20 into $20,000.

Prop trading desk in NYC 2011-2014 and then 2019-present.

Retail trader 2009-present. 

Crypto trader 2013-present.

Father to a beautiful daughter 2023-present.

Trying to make unique trading content without charging money or making promises that you’ll learn how to trade. Wild concept I know.

Please contact me at churning.burning.blog@gmail.com if you have any questions, said questions may be used for a future mailbag post.

I will never solicit you for investments or any investment advice or any trading education services. Anyone who does so under my name is an imposter account trying to scam you.

Buy me a coffee if you’d like.

New meetup policy as of May 19th 2024: If you ask me for an in-person or video chat, my price is $50/hour. There was no official price prior to that–basically any donation or an in-person drink was the token price neccesary but there’s now an official price because I value my time too much to keep doing this1(I’ve done at least 20 so far for $5-10 value at most). I will still answer e-mail questions for free, but on my own time. You should probably just save your $50 because everything of value has been written into this blog because I don’t hold back and I don’t have any holy grail secrets to offer you.


Typically replies within a day

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