About Me

I’m Pete and I have been trading stocks for 14 years. I have an extreme love/hate relationship with trading markets. I have never held a W2 job, which might explain how I continually lose perspective on the matter. Seemed like yesterday I was a young 20s hot shot thinking I’ll be on top of the world. Now I’m a 30-something burnout who doesn’t prioritize money above all anymore. I’m just here to write about my story and experiences. 

Online poker from 2005-2007–turned $20 into $20,000.

Prop trading desk in NYC 2011-2014 and then 2019-present.

Retail trader 2009-present. 

Crypto trader 2013-present.

Father to a beautiful daughter 2023-present.

Trying to make unique trading content without charging money or making promises that you’ll learn how to trade. Wild concept I know.

Please contact me at churning.burning.blog@gmail.com if you have any questions, said questions may be used for a future mailbag post.

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